Things To Check In A Podcast Studio Tour

Renting a podcast studio is the best way to go to if you want a professional setup today. Instead of spending a ton of money creating your own, just pay a small fee every time you use the facilities. If you are not sure which one to pick, then go on a podcast studio tour around different options. Get to know each of them and compare the offerings. Going on a tour allows you to get a better appreciation of these studios compared to simply browsing pictures online or going on a video tour. Pay attention to the following as you move around:


Check the types of equipment present in the studio. Are they of high quality? Are these old or new equipment? How much control can they provide when you are recording a session? Can you test how well they sound? If you are shooting videos, then you should look into the camera gear as well. You might want to bring a notebook during the tour and take down useful information that you can study later on.


See if the stage is something that you can see yourself on. Is this ideal for the image that you wish to project? Can you customize it to your liking? What options are available for the background? The production doesn’t have to be as grand as what you can see on TV. Sometimes a curtain or a shelf in the background, along with a display monitor is enough. Others prefer having a whiteboard so they can write stuff down. It may also be possible to bring your own unique items for styling.


Ask the tour guide about how the podcast studio operates. What is the system that you have to follow? Is it possible to book recurring timeslots? How can you pay for your sessions? What are the rules on cancelling and rebooking? What kind of help can you get from the audio engineer? Will other professionals be available for assistance? How can you get the recording? In what format will it be? The podcast studio tour is a great chance to ask any questions for clarity.


Use the opportunity to learn about what you can expect from their basic package. What are included in the published rates? Are these good enough for you? Do you need more features? Can they provide these? For example, the base rate might allow for one person, simple backgrounds, stage furniture, logo display, and a single camera. These are usually enough to get started on a podcast journey. Many begin with even less and improve as they go.


Studios can provide access to things that might be difficult for a person to achieve if embarking on their project by themselves in their own homes. For example, they could rent a multi-cameras setup to film them from different angles. This can be particularly useful if bringing in several guests for interviews. If you want to change the backdrop or create effects, then it might be possible to use a green screen. Studio can edit the recording to include an intro and an outro. Ask them about all of the additional services that they offer and how much these cost.