Will Lab Grown Diamond Be A Profitable Business To Consider In The Long Term? 

There are many types business that is opening on daily basis. Be it food business, jewellery business, cloth or any other business. Among these jewellery businesses is a type of business that easily gets the attention of women. There is no double about how much a woman loves and adores jewellery. So, a business that is planning to do a jewellery business should have an idea about some key aspects, which will benefit in the long run. 

There are many types of jewellery such as diamond, gold, platinum, etc. Among diamonds, there are many categories such as real mine diamond and lab-made diamond. In recent times, lab-grown diamond has got much attention and appreciation from customers. There are also other options on diamonds such as hpht diamonds, cvd diamonds also there are GIA diamonds that are really shorthand diamonds that sellers use to describe diamonds. 

GIA is often held up as the gold standard of diamonds grading the other labs. Whereas, IGI is not as consistent or strict in grading diamonds as GIA. However, if there is gia vs igi then there is much difference to it such as 

  • Pricing difference
  • Colour grading 
  • Characteristics

However, a businessman should also consider these aspects as it will help to run the business well. A seller should have a good idea. By that, he could really convince the customer to pursue. However, there are also many talks about the hpht vs cvd diamonds. It has indeed hyped up the market. So, before selling lab grown diamonds a businessman should know some of the key differences. These are: 

  • The major difference between these two diamonds is their growing process. Hpht diamonds are grown in cuboctahedron shape and they have 14 growth directions. Whereas, cvd diamonds grow cubic and have 1 growth direction only. 
  • The quality matters the most as hpht has generally been associated with more yellowish colour diamonds on the contrary, cvd diamonds are colourless. 
  • The price range of these diamonds varies as hpht diamonds are expensive whereas cvd diamonds are inexpensive. 

A business should have a proper idea about a diamond’s types, growing process, quality, price range. By that, he could very well sell lab grown diamonds in the market. So, it can be said that lab grown diamonds can be a profitable business to consider in the long term as the demand is getting high day by day.