Choose the Right vehicle Wrap for You Now

Vehicle wrapping: make people talk about you everywhere! Need to promote your business? Your business necessarily uses vehicles. Whether for work needs or for your own travel and that of your employees, vehicles play an important role for you.

What if you could kill two birds with one stone? Decorating your car, truck, cube, trailer, or any other sort of vehicle is a great way to advertise your business. Your logo, your slogan and your contact details are affixed to your vehicles and circulate throughout the city.

Vehicles are in circulation almost all the time. They always meet people and this, even when they are parked. A vehicle with a nice design all around will always make it look up at every pass. Imagine all the publicity you can get when the traffic is heavy!

The marking of your vehicles is therefore not to be neglected. When these are well decorated, your vehicles become real mobile billboards. In addition, you have an advertisement which works every day of the year, at a very low cost compared to the means of communication and which does not disturb your customers. You can find out more about it right here.

So, do you want to be tempted by a vehicle wrapping offering you 100% visibility? All the same, wait a bit. Before successfully completing this operation, it is in your interest to call on the best in the field.

Vehicle wraps that set you apart

You see, in order for your dressing to have the desired effect on your audience, the design has to be up to par. But not only that. The latter must adapt to the vehicle, to the contours, to the opening of the doors, etc.

In addition, the wrapping of a car will not take the same form as that of a truck, or a trailer, or even a cube car. It is a technique that requires a perfect knowledge of different processes ranging from the field of computer graphics, photography and cutting. All this to say that creating a design intended to dress up a vehicle is a real art.

That we master.

Entrust the wrapping of your vehicles to our specialist designers. Vehicle wrapping is an excellent communication tool. This is one of the best ways to boost your visibility. But still! The process must be successful. Your designs must necessarily ensure. Here is what we can offer you.

  • High-quality designs
  • Provision of specialist graphic designers in the field
  • Professionals in the trade who do not skimp on communication

Vehicle marking: how does it work?

Dressing your vehicle is like printing your graphics on stickers and affixing them to it. You have the choice between different methods of wrapping or vehicle lettering.

The “full wrap” consists of covering the entire vehicle, the entire bodywork and the windows of the decoration. The “semi wrap” meanwhile, amounts to applying digital printing only on part of the vehicle. Lettering can be confused with “semi wrap”, because it consists of covering only part of the bodywork with cut-out self-adhesive vinyls (text, logo, etc.) Want to shine on the road? Contact us! We will be happy to design attractive visuals that highlight your business.