Great Hosting Platforms for Virtual Events

Undeniably, the virtual event market has experienced a meteoric rise. Nowadays, more and more hosting platforms are now available in the market that choosing the best one has become quite tricky. If you are looking for great hosting platforms for your virtual event, below are some of the most used amongst virtual event companies.


Many virtual event companies consider Eventcube a favorite thanks to the enticing benefits it offers. For starters, Eventcube provides registration and label event ticketing for university fairs, corporate conferences, music festivals, and many more. Their system is also popular among gyms, membership clubs, and event managers.

Eventcube provides virtual networking, registration and ticketing, hosting, live chat, and live streaming. What’s even more impressive? All its amazing features can be easily accessed through their platform. The emphasis on white labelling makes Eventcube a very attractive tool for event managers.

Exhibitions, conferences, and trade shows are considered big businesses and are considered crucial in many sectors of the economy. After all, those events provide important networking opportunities for businesses. When it comes to providing networking opportunities, Eventcube is considered a stand out.

Eventcube is also designed primarily for live broadcasts, interactivity, and conferencing. Used to reconnect audiences during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the system can be used to host conferences, expos, and many more. Other enticing features include group networking, built-in event ticketing, and membership platforms.

For those who want a simple setup, Eventcube is also ideal as it provides stripped back ticketed video streaming that’s designed for easy use and optimal results. Eventcube is also so easy to use that all you have to do is plug in the stream and you can already host an online ticketed event to a worldwide audience.

Eventcube also allows audience participation through their live chat widget. Users can also carry out polling and elevate their content through performance schedules and custom units. Other amazing features of Eventcube include real time chat, ticketed streaming, and attendee polling.


Another virtual event platform many event organizers swear by is Airmeet. If you want extensive networking features and sponsorship, this is one of your best options. Airmeet also provides remarkable networking capabilities including one-to-one speed networking, chat functionality, and networking tables.

The Airmeet platform is also very easy to use for both organizers and event attendees. This hosting platform integrates seamlessly with Stripe so organizers can sell tickets for their events and stream their event sessions to popular platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Designed with interaction and engagement in mind, Filo is the best option for those who are running collaborative virtual events like training, summits, interview days, demo days, and kickoffs. Filo is also considered one of the most customizable event platforms available in the market today.

Filo allows users to create dynamic and customized environments based on their virtual event or meeting. For most event producers, this gives them the option to make their event space branded and unique. They also have the option to effectively engage attendees through downloadable content and calls to action.

For event organizers that host summits, workshops, and kickoffs, they have easy access to great resources that can help ensure a streamlined and seamless event experience. Filo uses Zoom as their video conferencing platform. Events hosted using Filo are considered more dynamic and “in-person.”

Filo also allows users to host unlimited Zoom meetings in one event. The rooms can also be set up in advance and can still be accessed after the event. Filo is also considered a great tool for complex events that require several breakouts. The ability to set up events in advance is also a feature many organizers find incredibly beneficial.