The 6 Best Tips For Those Who Love Boots.

If you are a boot lover, then these 6 tips are definitely for you; here are tips for guiding your boots:

  1. Boots, we don’t wear them. You put your foot in, not halfway. The boot is an intense, deep, and personality thing. So, use it firmly. But treat it with affection; from time to time, you can lightly apply a cream. It will change color but then go back to normal. Do not exaggerate. We have an excellent quality wax here at Black Boots; it was developed with beeswax and natural oils, suitable to moisturize and protect your leather goods. Wax Leather Black Boots.
  2. Make a good choice. Ask everything about the product. Clear all your doubts before you buy. Check out the measurement guide, get in touch, or leave your question on the product itself. Define what type of use you will want your boot for, whether to walk on land, at work, or in the office. For each type of activity, there is a correct type of boot.
  3. If you like boots such as a Thorogood work boots, have more than one. It’s always good to take turns with the boot you’re wearing; it needs to rest and dry inside. Foot sweat can destroy the lining of the boot.
  4. Don’t leave your boot dirty if you fall in the mud. As soon as you get home, pour some water on the outside of the boot and let it dry in the shade. Never put your boot to dry in the sun; it loses its color and can get a little hardened. Drying behind the fridge is crazy. I do not advise. By the way, I advise you always to leave your boots at the kitchen door and walk barefoot inside the house. It’s more hygienic.
  5. If you usually get a lot of rain, remember that waterproof membranes have a duration; they will lose their effectiveness with time. Use spray waterproofing to protect better. You can also shine your boots, as in the old days, the wax will help with the waterproofing of your boot. Try to use vegetable oils without much chemistry. Moisturizing cream also helps a lot.
  6. Don’t waste time cleaning your boot too much. A good damp cloth and a good brushing can do the trick. Sometimes people ask me: what color will my boot be? I do not know! It depends where you are going to step. If it’s for urban use, it tends to gray; if it’s on the farm, it will depend on the color of the land, each boot has a life of its own, and its appearance will tell its story, and that’s what’s cool about boots—the older, the nicer.