Tents: Advantages And How To Choose Them

Marquees are a type of structure often used mainly in gardens due to their many advantages and benefits. Some of them are:

Advantages And Benefits Of Tents

The Aesthetic Aspect

It is made of elegant material that brings style to all the spaces in which it is applied. Therefore, a tent will give your garden or outdoor space a higher aesthetic value. If you want to get one, go to American Tent for instance rental.

Decorative Possibilities

The tent has a specific structure that allows for adding different ornaments and decorative elements, be it plants and flowers, fabrics, or lighting elements.

Open Space

One of the big advantages of some tents is that they are open structures. This facilitates the penetration of the sun and allows the air to circulate, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Building Possibilities

Tents like customized tent are versatile structures. This allows them to be placed in different parts of a house, as they can be built as a link or independent structures. Thanks to their ease of use and practicality, the use of tents is becoming more common in the different events that occur nowadays. Therefore, thanks to the advantages they offer, they become the perfect choice for any celebration.

Easy Transportation

Due to the little space, the tents take up when folded, drastically reducing their size, they become perfect elements to be transported.

Different Location

Their small size and practicality allow the tents to be placed in large or small environments.


The tents can be light, dark, large, or small, so they can be chosen according to the type of event, taking into account their style.

How To Choose The Right One For You?

You must consider the following parameters:

The walls: Avoid the walls if you are getting married in a hot climate. If it’s a cooler climate, walls are probably a good idea. If the showers are frequent, the walls will help keep everything dry and protected.

Floors: You can add a dance floor, a full floor, or a single floor. But take the weather into account. Consider adding a dance floor if you can’t afford a full floor.

Lighting: There are many lighting options for marquees: from ceiling-hung chandeliers to ceiling-mounted Christmas lights or theatrical-style stage lights.

If the company charges you a fee to inspect the site where the tent will be erected, ensure that this amount is applied to payment if you decide to rent party tents from them.