Simple ways to keep your staff safe at work

Creating a safe workplace is all about minimizing risk. Sometimes things can go wrong that are out of our control, but by putting the correct measures in place, you can eliminate many of these risks and hazards almost entirely. But what are these risks we’re talking about? 

Workplace safety is an umbrella term, that refers to a number of areas; What to do during an emergency, hygiene standards, and protection from theft, are all things that appear unrelated but do in fact contribute to the overall safety of a workplace. 

So, what can you do to improve workplace safety? Here are some simple tips! 

Security Staff

A very simple measure is to hire a facilities management company that can provide you with security staff. They might not be patrolling your offices, but they will provide assistance in case of intruders or other unwelcome situations. They may also check ID’s and passes at the entrance of your business among other tasks. Even their mere presence will put your staff’s minds at ease. 

Safety Signage

When it comes to emergencies, there are a lot of things we need to keep in mind. So, having plenty of signage can help your staff in various situations. We recommend getting first aid signs, fire safety signs, as well as manual handling guides in areas where your staff will be moving items. Ensure all fire exits are clearly labelled, and you have clear and up to date evacuation plans printed out too. 

These will help to keep your staff safe, and informed. Have signage ready for when new hazards appear, such as wet floor signs. 

Safety Drills

Many people roll their eyes when it comes to safety drills, but they never regret them when it counts. Make your staff aware of when you will be running the drill, and what is expected of them in case of an emergency. As an example, for a fire evacuation, explain where the exits are, and where the meeting points are once outside the building. Appoint a fire marshall who can assist with this. 

Risk Assessments

Safety is an ongoing process, so regular checks are required to keep on top of risks. Regular risk assessments will help you to keep on top of risks, and possibly identify problems before they can cause harm. 

Bringing in a facilities management company to perform these for you will not only save time but also ensure these checks are done correctly, to keep your staff as safe as possible. 

Keep a Clean Workspace

Hygiene is a key part of workplace safety, which is why you need to provide a workspace that is as clean as possible. This is can be a costly and time-consuming task if done by yourself, so why not bring in the help of professional cleaners? This way, you can save time and money, whilst protecting your staff from harmful bacteria. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping your staff is much easier when you bring in professional help. Why not contact a local, London facilities management company that can take the hassle out of workplace safety for you? That way you know your staff are safe, and you can focus on running your business!