All You Need To Know About Customs Clearance 

There are thousands of rules and regulations when it comes to customs. To ensure that your freight can get shipped overseas you need to ensure that you do whatever is necessary and clear the customs. To ensure that you do all the things correctly, get in touch with a customs broker. However, here is some information shared by Clearit USA customs clearance that you should be aware of.

Operation Area and Authority 

You will find customs offices at all the seaports, borders, and airports of your country. There are exit and entry points for each country. The customs offices have similar powers to any police department. They have the power to confiscate goods and make arrests if situations arise. 

Imports and Custom Clearance 

You can get custom clearance from the freight forwarders. This activity is termed customs brokerage. 

Customs clearance involves the preparation of documents for the import and export of freight from in and out of the country. They help in client representation during customs examinations. 

Here are some documents that you will need while customs clearance:

Export Documents 

You need all the receipts and purchase documents from the buyers, sleeping bills, sales invoicing, landing and airway bills, certificates of origin, etc. 

Import Documents 

You will need similar documents that you need while exporting, like shipping bills, country of origin, purchase records, sales invoicing, etc. 

The customs broker is responsible for keeping the track of all of these records. They help in collecting the documents from their clients and ensure that they are submitted in the proper places without any kind of mistakes. 

The customs clearance agents are also called forwarding and carrying agents. They acquire licenses from the customs authority to perform their functions and help the importers or exporters. 

Customs and Trade Logistics 

Every county publishes and revises the customs laws and regulations that stipulate the rules and regulations that are eligible for import and export. 

There are countries that allow the import and export freely while some other countries are strict with their policies. The customs brokers are aware of the rules and regulations and they will help you when you want to send or receive goods and services over international waters.


A customs broker will help through the process of importing and exporting the goods. The whole process can get on your nerves if you do not appoint a customs broker.