Why Digital Marketing Can Make or Break Your Business  

Do I Really Need Digital Marketing?

The business world has evolved, it’s doubtful in this technology-reliant era whether any modern business owner with ambitions for success, could achieve them without first ensuring they had a professional digital marketing campaign prepared before the launch of their business.

The pandemic has enforced the importance of technology in the business world, it’s also helped open up more avenues for revenue, where previously a client base would be contained within a local area, the pandemic has encouraged businesses to look further afield, location is no longer an issue when Zoom calls and online meetings have become the industry norm.

Digital Marketing Can Give You The Tools to Succeed


Business owners quick to adapt to new marketing techniques tend to fair better in comparison to those who refuse to adapt with the evolving marketing industry. Radio advertisers that refused to promote via TV, or TV advertisers opposed to promoting via the internet, inevitably struggle to maintain previous levels of success. High street stores that were slow to develop their online presence are slowly being erased from our high street.


Digital marketing if embraced can add value to your business and ease the stress of day-to-day marketing. During the global crisis, it was far easier to connect with clients from the safety of your office, with little hindrance to the daily processes involved in running a successful business.


The process of attracting new business has largely become reliant on first impressions via website and digital advertising. It’s also become better value and simpler to connect with a larger targeted audience online using tools such as social media rather than ‘traditional but more expensive media campaigns.


Digital marketing campaigns can increase your revenue, expand your company profile, and cost less to promote your brand in comparison to older marketing techniques. Rather than asking if you can afford to invest in a digital marketing campaign, instead, ask, can you afford not to?


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What Types of Digital Marketing Are Available To Me?


There’s more to digital marketing than running a social media campaign, the goals you set out for your campaign, will influence the digital marketing techniques best suited for your business.


Pay Per Click


Will drive online traffic to your website quickly, considerably less time consuming than long-term social media campaigns, however, online consumers are wary of pay per click, does little to build brand confidence, and can be expensive. The more clicks to your website, the more expensive the campaign.


Social Media


Relatively easy to maintain, little more complicated than posting on social media, and budgets can go further, however, can be time-consuming, needs regular updating, posting and the longer you post, the greater upkeep your campaign will need. 


If you stop paying for social media campaigns on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll notice a steep drop in reach and social media interaction. Does however build brand awareness and you can interact with your target audience instantly.




Using content related to your brand or website and with an increase in website searches, search engines such as Google will rank your brand closer to the top of a search page, the closer to the top of a page the more likely your brand receives online traffic. For your website or brand to earn its spot at the top of a search page, you need to offer high quality, regular content (such as blogging), it’s also essential that your website is quick, reliable, and easy to navigate. 


Can be costly if you need to update and modernise your website for both mobile and computer access, long-term employee costs can add to that expense as well.


Content Marketing


Offering quality content deemed valuable to your target audience can increase traffic to your business, increasing purchases and revenue. The aim being that promoting your content will encourage sales, however, it’s important to avoid turning content into a sales pitch as this can turn consumers away.


Email Campaign


One of the oldest and most profitable forms of digital marketing and has one of the highest rates of ROI. A strategy that’s been in use since the invention of email, sending personalised emails to former customers, clients, and your target audience, however, it can be tricky to get a response because everybody nowadays presumes emails are spam.


The average person receives more than 125 emails a day, and former customers might be critical of being pursued for a product they haven’t shown any new interest in. Is still considered one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. 


Why Digital Marketing Can Make The Difference


Quite simply everybody is online, there are currently more than 4.3 billion internet users, digital marketing gives you the ability to connect with billions of people, if you can perfect your digital marketing campaign you will unquestionably improve your chances of business growth. 


The high street is dying, online shopping is now more common than at any previous time in history, if you’re not advertising online you’re missing out on a huge market to promote your business.


It’s Proven to be Cost-Effective


Marketing budgets can go much further online, you have more control over how you advertise and you can focus the advertising campaign toward your target audience. In comparison to more traditional forms of advertising where you are forced to target everybody through the medium of TV, radio or print etc.


And with digital marketing, even if you hire an expert, you will almost certainly still save money.


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You Can Gauge Customer Satisfaction


No business can survive without customers or more importantly satisfied customers, an essential element of digital marketing is your ability to speak directly to your client base. Whether through social media, direct messaging, email or live feeds, the instant connection you create can nurture loyalty and offer you an intimate understanding of customer satisfaction.


Final Thoughts


There is no easy route, however, there are tips and techniques that you can adopt to increase your chances of success, embracing digital marketing can only benefit your business. By modernising your business, you increase opportunity and can connect with your target audience on a profitable more intimate level.


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