A New Breed OfIndian-Born Investor And Entrepreneur  

Many people collect paintings and artworks but TejKohli collects cars. His most precious motors include a Ferrari 430 Spider, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Rolls Royce Dawn, a Rolls Royce Phantom EWB, a Morgan Aero Supersports, and his favourite the PaganiHuayra. However, it is not his cars that keep Kohli busy but his not-for-profit projects which are substantial. 

$100 million Deep Tech investment 

Recently, Kohli has invested $100 million through Rewired because he believes that artificial intelligence will be the biggest thing that will happen to humanity. It is without a doubt that artificial intelligence is already transforming global productivity and creating enormous wealth and opportunities. According to Kohli, everything that is on the internet will manifest through artificial intelligence in ways that are more effective and smarter. 

Artificial intelligence is now being applied to healthcare, biotech, hospitality, retail, and thousands of other industries. The global internet economy is worth approximately $50 trillion today but it could extrapolate to at least 3 times more as artificial intelligence is applied by the global economy. 

Covid-19 Vaccine Development Fund

In March 2020, Kohli has donated toward the development of a Covid-19 vaccine at Mass Eye and Ear in Boston. The funding has supported the efforts of Dr.LukVandederberghe, an associate professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School, who wanted to raise funds for the development of a new genetic vaccine to fight Covid-19. 

When Kohli authorized the donation, the World Health Organization has estimated that there were at least 70 different vaccine developments across the world to stop the spread of the Covid-19. Dr.Vandederberghe’s vaccine is an adaptation of existing AAV technology that is a form of gene therapy used to treat an inherited form of vision loss. Kohli’s goal is to provide people with second chances in life through transformative grassroots intervention and by supporting the development of life-changing treatments. 

Investments in biotechnology

In a 2019 column for Project Syndicate, Kohli wrote that frontier technologies of artificial intelligence and biotechnology must not be underestimated because they can tackle global health and environmental challenges. He pointed out that big data and artificial intelligence are now facilitating more efficient organ donation matches everywhere. He also said that if existing artificial solutions are combined with the synthetic biotechnology of Detraxi, it would vastly expand the scope of feasible pairings. The distances that organs can be transported can be extended by preserving or regenerating the organs outside the body at ambient temperature. 

Florida-based Detraxi that was acquired by Kohli Ventures a few years ago has recently completed trials of regenerative biotechnology at John Hopkin’s University. The company is working towards solutions that would hopefully solve the global blood shortage and organ donation crises. 

Active investor Tej Kohli may be seen driving powerful cars but his defining preoccupation is to be a notable philanthropist that gives back to the world. He wants to eradicate blindness and build eye care infrastructures in developing countries for the poor and underprivileged. He also wants to address gender inequality among poorer countries.