Pink Diamonds 101: Everything about these unheard gemstones

If you are searching for the best color of the diamond, then it will be a very simple task for us to suggest to you the best color of the diamond. Pink diamonds are the most attractive type of diamond as compared to any color of a diamond you will search for.

  • Price of pink diamonds

The prices of pink diamonds are totally dependent on how dark or how deep that pink color is! If it is very light or faint, then its prices will be comparatively lower than the pink diamond, which has a deep dark pink color on it. If you are looking to buy these pink diamondsthen the deep dark pink diamonds come over seven lakh dollars, and a faint or light pink color of diamonds comes under one lakh dollars.

That makes the pink diamonds the most expensive and the diamond with the most attractive color on them. Also, the price of the pink diamond is almost twenty times the white or transparent color of diamonds!

  • Rare diamonds

The rarest color in diamonds is red. Red diamonds are the rarest type of diamonds globally. After the red diamond comes the pink diamond.

These types of diamonds naturally face an additional pressure in the earth’s crust that makes them rarer than other traditional or white and transparent colors of diamonds. The more additional pressure it will undergo, the rarer it will become.

  • Where is it mainly found?

It is mainly found in western Australia in Argyle mines. Since 1985, almost 90% of the pink diamonds are extracted from the Argyle’s mines in Australia, and the other 10% of diamonds are either found in Africa, India, or in Brazil, and that’s why you will find more pink diamonds in Australia than in other countries.

  • Investing in pink diamonds.

If you are thinking of investing in these pink diamonds, then your thinking can get you to greater heights. Because the prices of pink diamonds have risen steadily for ten years, and their prices will be getting higher and higher in the future because they are getting rarer and rarer nowadays.

So if you are thinking of buying these pink diamonds or investing in pink diamonds, then it will be right to do so!

  • Various shapes are found in pink diamonds.

There are also many shapes found in pink diamonds like emerald, heart cushion, marquise, and many other types of shapes are found in these pink diamonds.

You have to be very careful while buying these types of diamonds which are the most expensive diamonds and also the most attractive ones. Because nowadays, misleading, scams, and looting of money are happening a lot. So, be alert about each and every step you follow while buying these expensive diamonds.

Pink diamonds have variety in all of their factors, such as their shape, size, and even color, which makes these pink diamonds the most expensive types of diamonds than any other regular or other traditional white or transparent color of diamonds.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself a pink diamond or start investing in those!