Top Alternatives To WHMCS

WHMCS is a web hosting management software that is used to automate the online billing process, generates custom invoices, provides you a lot of amazing billing offers, and has built-in payment gateways that make your job super easy. Besides, you can add any feature in your WHMCS client area using WHMCS Custom Development Services.

We know that it is one of the most used domain hosting automation systems with the best billing and support interface. But, there are some alternatives available with better features and functionalities. Below, we have listed the top WHMCS Alternatives for you so that you can choose wisely. 


BoxBilling is a free open source WHMCS Alternatives that have a free solution to manage clients, billing, and orders. BoxBilling is specially designed to make business owners and client’s work easy.

Reasons to choose BoxBilling

  • BoxBilling creates hosting accounts automatically and it has automatically product provisioning, billing, and invoicing
  • It has easy refunds and anyone can pay in their own currency
  • It provides shared and reseller hosting accounts
  • BoxBilling has very low fees for a startup like $5 per month for the pro version
  • It has the most flexible invoicing as it is specially built for sales and offers
  • It has the feature of choosing the multi-language option
  • It allows the developers to build their own add-ons easily.
  • You will get the most powerful automation

HostBill App

If you are looking for the most powerful and flexible online business management system, then  HostBill will be a great choice for you. HosBill allows you to handle everything that you need to keep your business running. 

Reasons to choose HostBill App

  • It has an easy client and domain management feature
  • HostBill is called the best demanding automation software at it supports more than 90 payment gateways.
  • It is all-in-one automation and billing platform for colo, cloud, hosting, and VPS service providers
  • It is the best way to manage business requirements for large-scale web hosting companies.
  • It has a constant update feature that helps to keep your payment automation services up-to-date.


Blesta helps to manage your business services, manage clients, invoices, manage your payments, and many more things as it is not just limited to web hosting. Whether you are a reseller or a good-level web hosting service provider, choosing Blesta for your business will never regret you.

Reasons to choose Blesta

  • It has integrated support features and supports multi-currency billing
  • It provides a very clean and modern ticket system.
  • You can customize the whole interface from the dashboard and billing overview to widgets easily.
  • Blesta provides professional invoices over WHMCS
  • It generates and sends invoices automatically.
  • Using Blesta, you will get multi-company in a single installation. 



WISECP is a digital workflow and a modern web automation tool. It is another famous WHMCS alternatives with automation features like billing, client handling, customer support, and many other operations to keep your business running. 

Reasons to choose WISECP

  • WISECP provides a very professional, clean, and creative web interface to make navigation easy for visitors.
  • It carries accounting, invoicing transactions, clients, and many other operations in no time.
  • Using WISECP, you don’t have to look for a theme as it comes with an integrated internal website interface.
  • It has super simple functions that make it easy to understand for clients and the admin.


Hoping that it will help you to choose the right alternative to WHMCS for your web hosting business.