Advantages of working with a Canadian customs broker

The standard customs process for importing goods into Canada is easy on paper but extremely complex on the ground. Because international trade is subject to numerous rules and regulations, it is necessary that you consult a customs broker. All customs brokers are licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency and know what it takes to get goods cleared at the port of entry without delays. For instance, if you are importing a car from the US, you can get an ITN number from without much fuss. In this post, we are discussing the benefits/advantages of working with a Canadian customs broker. 

Minimize compliance risks

For most importers, one of the bigger challenges is to understand and keep up with customs regulations, which change frequently. Mistakes can have costly outcomes, and a customs broker can help you get through the process without the common errors. From classifying goods to ensuring that the documentation is done right, they can do it all. What you pay in brokerage fees is much lesser than what you may pay for compliance-related issues. 

Save time and money

If you are an importer, you know that saving on costs of importing is a key objective. This can be done in many ways. A customs broker can help save both time and money. For instance, you could route your imports in a way that the transport costs are minimized. Brokers know various tricks of the trade and save the time that you would otherwise spend to know these ideas. As your customs broker takes over, you can focus on aspects of your business that need more attention. 

Get personalized service

Many Canadian customs brokers work with importers as a part of their team and ensure that their clients remain compliant and in sync with the laws. No matter your company’s unique requirements, you can expect the broker to offer bespoke services. They will ensure that you get advice and solutions related to international trade and will simplify the importing process for your team so that they can focus on other things. 

A licensed customs broker doesn’t have to be present at the port of entry to get your shipment. A considerable part of their work happens online, and many brokers even rely on advanced IT solutions and software to simplify and automate tasks. To know more about the things that you can expect from a customs broker, call a reputed firm now.