What is a patient portal

What is a patient portal?

“What is a patient portal?”  This question has been asked by many people as they try to understand what exactly it does. In this article, we will help you understand the concept of patient portals. What is a patient portal? A patient portal is a secure website or app that you can use to communicate […]


6 Reasons Your Business Should be Using Payment Links

We are all living in the digital world and all of us are updating ourselves with the advancements in the field of technology. Evolution in the technical world is a boon for modern life. At present, every small and big businesses are celebrating their success after turning digital. From e-commerce to digital payments, everything has […]


What is the Appeal of Snapchat to Marketers?

There are many reasons that you might not want to include Snapchat in your arsenal of social media platforms. It’s relatively new, the content disappears quickly, and it’s meant for a particular type of user – but marketers should take a look at this platform regardless. What Value Does Snapchat Have to Marketers?  The largest […]